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  1. Robert, thank you for the bottle of Butt & BBQ Rub seasoning. My wife marinated some beef ribs with the seasoning. The ribs were great and since I am dieting I like the fact its low in sodium. Thanks again!

  2. The link to order your Flashover Creole Seasoning is not working properly. When I try to order, it adds the butt rub to my cart instead of the creole seasoning. I cannot find any locations near me who sell your product. Am having flashover creole seasoning withdrawals!! Please help!

      • Want to order 6 backdraft Butt + BBQ rubs. Could not use your website – great product seems hard to obtain.

      • Hi Linda!
        Thank you so much for your interest in our rub! I just checked our Product Page and appears to be working. If you give us a call at 850-269-2942 (main) or 850-585-7891 (cell) we would be happy to take a phone order. (I believe Lori just left you a voice message as well.)
        – Robert Medina

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