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In the world of firefighting, a flashover is an instantaneous eruption. With New Orleans Original Firehouse Flashover Creole Seasoning, that is exactly what you get…an instantaneous eruption of flavor! Taken directly from my special firehouse recipe, this blend has just the right amount of savory zest and subtle heat to be your “go-to” spice in the kitchen or on the outdoor grill. Try it on chicken, seafood, pork, beef, salads and anything else where you want to capture that unique New Orleans Creole taste!

Featuring the finest quality spices, New Orleans Original Firehouse Flashover Creole Seasoning is an all-natural low-sodium blend of garlic, onion, cayenne, pepper, oregano and other spices. Compare it to other blends that contain as much as 19% sodium. Flashover Seasoning may cost a few pennies more but promises to be packed with flavor and not salty fillers. A private label recipe produced by Deep South Blenders in New Orleans, Louisiana.

So try it for yourself. I am sure that once you do, you and your family will love it. I fed it to hungry firefighters for nearly a quarter of a century and never had a complaint. Trust me…that is saying something! - Robert Medina 


Robert Medina, a retired New Orleans Firefighter and author of “If You Can’t Stand the Heat…A New Orleans Firefighters Cookbook” developed Firehouse Flashover Creole Seasoning over 30 years ago. He used it to create many meals during his 24 years on the NOFD. You can visit his author page at

Firehouse Flashover Creole Seasoning is a Certified Product of Louisiana


Firehouse Flashover Creole Seasoning is a Certified Product of Louisiana.

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Chorizo Black Beans & Rice Recipe



My idea for this recipe was to cook black beans as I normally would cook red beans. The difference is that instead of andouille I used chorizo sausage. Instead of parsley, I used cilantro. Instead of hot sauce, I used Mexican Biz. At least that’s what we call it. Mexican Biz is just 2oz. of smoked and dried chipotle peppers boiled in one cup of olive oil for a minute. Once it cools, you put all of the contents into a food processor and turn it into an oily paste. I put it in a bottle so it can be poured out at will. We add this to the beans as a condiment when served. Treat it like Tabasco … everybody likes a different amount.


1 pound of Camellia dried black beans

64 ounces of unsalted chicken stock

2 smoked ham hocks

3 small onions (chopped)

¼ cup of green bell pepper

⅓ cup of celery (chopped)

2 cloves of garlic (chopped small)

1 tablespoon of Firehouse Flashover Seasoning (or your favorite Creole seasoning)

2 tablespoons of cilantro (chopped fine)

1 pound of cured Spanish Chorizo (not the loose kind)

1 teaspoon of salt (check to taste first before adding)

Mexican Biz (as an accompaniment)


Soak rinsed beans overnight in the chicken stock. Put on a medium fire and warm up. Put everything else in the pot (except the Mexican Biz.) Cook uncovered on a low fire until the beans begin to get soft. This will take about 2 hours. Remove ham hocks and let cool. Take any meat you can get from the ham hocks and cut up into small pieces. Add back to pot. It may take up to 5 hours to completely cook depending on the beans. Some beans may be a little harder than others. Stir often to keep them from sticking. They will break down and thicken up over time. Check to see how soft the beans are and if they thicken up too much, just add a bit more chicken stock. Serve over white rice. We like to add a bit of crema and cilantro as a finishing touch!


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