Bobby Flay “Burger of the Month” Contest Finalist on the Rachael Ray Show

Blackened Cheeseburger Po-BoyRobert Medina’s New Orleans Blackened Cheeseburger Po-Boy Recipe

Robert Medina was named one of three finalists in Bobby Flay’s “Burger of the Month” Contest on the Rachael Ray Show. Robert showcased his New Orleans Blackened Cheeseburger Po-Boy featuring Flashover Creole Seasoning. Check out the videos from the show and the recipe for his burger!

VIDEO: Bobby’s ‘Burger Battle’: Meet Robert

VIDEO: Bobby’s ‘Burger Battle’: Robert Competes

3 thoughts on “Bobby Flay “Burger of the Month” Contest Finalist on the Rachael Ray Show

  1. trump turkey flip burger 1 cup thick white sauce,sub with turkey broth refrigerate until cool then add 1 cup cubed turkey breast,1/4 cup celery cooked,1/4 cranberries cooked,,add stir in white sauce. form patties. 3 boxes stoufers turkey finally ground like bread crumbs. dip patties in a egg batter coat patty fry until golden brown. serve on a bagel, a slice of Havarti cheese an a slice of ocean spray jelly cran berries with trump bagel burger. for u for a new do ha ha ha for flay

  2. I haven’t seen any results for the ham-burger contest that gives $500 credit to food network online shopping………… this the result?? Is there a website?
    Mary Ann

    • Hi Mary Ann! This is not the contest you are referencing. This “Burger Battle” was issued by Bobby Flay and the winner’s burger was featured in his Burger Palace Restaurants as the “Burger of the Month” – there was no other prize. I’m not aware of the $500 Food Network prize…

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